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Dear Ladies 

This letter is to invite you to be part a brand new network that I believe God has asked me to create. When big father God asks me to do something, no matter how scary I have to say “I will”. 

So What is Wild?

Wild is a network of Christian women from all over the Midlands who will gather, meet, pray, hear each others stories and feel connected together.

Wild is a place where Women from all different backgrounds, characters and experiences can come together and unite. 

Why the name Wild?

It’s not for us to feel we have to be Wild and jump off buildings, out of planes or canoe down the Amazon, although that last one sounds cool to me!

Wild is about having confidence to be yourself and reminding each other that God loves us all so Wildly. Engaging with the wide, spacious, non judgemental, powerful and enduring love of God.

The picture

We are planted in this world to be Wild, not reckless or crazy, but Wild.

Being like Jesus, displaying his beauty.

Imagine a Wild flower growing in fields, growing in the cracks of urban pavements it’s unique, bold, displaying colour, life and beauty regardless of the landscape that surrounds.

This is how God wants this Wild generation of women to be. 


We are all dedicated serving where God is asking us to so we know time is precious.

We’re thinking that 3 or 4 times a year we will come together, pray and see what God wants us to do. Who knows he may ask us to do some wild new things together as Women from all across the midlands. It could be to create events for non-Christians to meet Jesus or to bring freedom to women who are at risk.

The First Wild

That feels scary to write, is happening on Saturday 24th March from 9-11am at Gallery Church, The Custard Factory in Birmingham. It will be a lovely breakfast, launching more about Wild and everything it could be, praying and seeking God together. Wild will be so much better if you and women from your church establish it with us. Also it’s a free breakfast so why wouldn’t you come!

Not sure where it is? Worried about driving into the city?

Drop us an email at gallerychurch@hotmail.com


God bless you Wild gorgeous women of God. 

Rachel Waddams